The Five Best Burgers in East London – According to Catch Up London


There are over nine thousand burger joints in London, let alone the east, so it’s hard to narrow ourselves down to a top five. We’ve thought long and hard about it, so here’s our list of the of five places to get your burger fix in the city!

5. Mother Flipper


Here's suppose to be a tasty photo of mother flippers candy bacon.





Catch the South East originated Mother Flipper at Kings Cross on Tuesdays, Brockley Market on Saturdays, and formerly at Model Market in Lewisham, this place doesn’t quiet qualify as being East London, but not featuring at least two pop-up street-food vendor’s in our list would be totally 2014.

Amazing burgers, no matter if you go for the classic cheese burger, chili flipper, double candy bacon flipper or the veggie flipper. You’re always sure to bite into something simple yet brilliant, no bells and whistles, yet that makes this place one of the tastiest in the city, and while working for Model Market Lewisham, Mother Flipper, along with Mamas Jerk in sequence, made my lunch every weekend, and I still didn’t grow tired of it. A must try.


4. Cat & Mutton


Here's suppose to be a chicken burger, where did it go?

Imagesource: Mother Clucker

Mad props to the absolute gangsters over at Cat & Mutton and Mother Clucker for supplying us with a chicken burger for lunch that doesn’t make you sweat and grow pimples. Matt and I were putting our lives on the line to bring you weekly chicken shop reviews around East London, and with tapeworms chewing into our intestines we can only bring you to the sad conclusion that the dirty bossman chicken is addictive. However, thanks to Cat & Mutton, we can now go grab a chicken burger for lunch without buying cat, rat and dog meat from some money-laundering Perfect City Fried Chicken Kebab house. This one goes out to all the chicken burgers out there!

The Cluckwich is a buttermilk fried piece of chicken breast, marinated in sweet tea brine, combined with lime-mayo, hot sauce, a healthy wholemeal bun and chips. The chicken is perfectly tender and moist, and the lime-mayo is a fresh breath of air from the 2 year old counter-top garlic mayo we’re used to from around Hackney. £6.50 is a fair price for gourmet chicken-burger, however I can’t deny how many wings I could get for that at the bossman. 26. I could get 26 wings for £6.50.

 3. Red Dog American Sandwiches


Here's suppose to be some onion rings and salt beef

imagesource: Red Dog American Sandwiches

Come in guns blazing and have a big shot of freedom at this american style diner with a capital A in the middle of Hoxton Square. Blues music hits you as you enter, and I guarantee the paper-bag you receive your burger in is transparent before it’s even been taken it to your table.

Any and all of the burgers is great, but don’t be afraid to try the sandwiches. The Philly Cheesesteak kills it and around £8 its not too bad on the pocket considering the size, and the Cuban Sandwich could convert me back to eating pork, which is why I don’t go there too often anymore. Everything is greasy and deep fried as you’d expect, but if it floats your boat, your a sailor, and sailors love burgers.


2. Sebright Arms


Here's another burger gone missing


The pub burger; either a microwave meal or a gourmet experience, you never quiet know. We took the plunge at our local, the Sebright Arms, and boy we were glad we did.

The Sebright Arms holds a menu card with a plethora of delicious meals. However, for your first visit i’d go with the classic cheeseburger/chips and match it with one of their many craft beers. Beautiful red beef, great triple cooked chips, and if one were to venture out of the norm, the succulent 10 hour smoked chips are banging!

The atmosphere inside is great, great food and great prices on drinks. For dinner it’s usually nice and relaxed and at night it’s a bustling his of life. The food is as expensive as any good pub in London, and with a burger at £7.50 and chips at £3.00 we’re around £14.50 with a beer. A weeks worth of food from Iceland.


1. Bleecker St. Burger


Here's the masterpiece you're missing out



Of all my travels, far and wide, I’ve experienced a wide array of burgers. Anything from the classic bun, mistreated cow and lettuce, to the more experimental rye bread with cow that’s raised on thai massages and Mozart, and never have I come across a meal like the Bleecker Burger.

Get the double cheeseburger/angry fries, here’s the breakdown; Greasy bun, thin slice of lettuce, and two beautifully red aged beef patties, infused with bone-marrow to make melt in your mouth. Top it up with the angry fries, deep fried chips topped with proper blue cheese and hot-sauce that makes your hairline blow back.

Located in Spitalfields Market, you’re going to have to live with eating it on a public bench, but if you’re trendy and cool, that’s the way to go, you street food Boheme.

At a retail price of £13 all together, without drink, this is a expensive habit, but like anything, the first one is a cheeky one time experiment, I mean, once can’t hurt right? I’ve been hooked ever since (Damn you, Bleecker Burger).


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