T Fest 2015 – Complete Lineup Revealed!


The complete line up for the Catch Up London tent @ t-fest, has now been revealed!

Catch Up veterans Footwork, Cudroid and Benjamin Buttons will be making appearances, however without the support of Joe Coulson. Instead, we got Catch Up cofounder, Apsley, playing good tunes both Friday and Sunday. Scroll down for the complete lists and approximate set-times:


9:00PM: Joshua Havard   cancelled 
10:00PM: Hasler
11:00PM: Billy Turner
12:00AM: Footwork
01:00AM: Cudroid
02:00AM: Apsley/Ben P
03:00AM: Apsley/Footwork
04:00 – ??: Back to back


08:00PM: Fuzzilicous Crew
09:00PM: Riggs
10:00PM: Tom Luka
11:00PM: Cudroid
12:00PM: Footwork
01:00AM: Billy Turner
02:00AM: Apsley
03:00AM: Benjamin Buttons
04:00AM: Dj Redman
05:00AM: Back to Back


09:00AM: Yoga
10:00AM: Reggae
11:00AM: Food
12:00PM: Billy Turner
01:00AM: Cudroid
02:00AM: Apsley
03:00AM: Footwork
04:00AM: Ben P
05:00AM: MDA

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